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      Using Bub2Tot 8in1 responsibly

      • Always follow Bub2Tot 8in1 usage instructions and advice to ensure all safety precautions are observed.

      • Bub2Tot 8in1 is not a 100% fool proof sun protection method.  It should be used in conjunction with other sun safe measures such as sun screen (not for babies 6 months and under), sunglasses, loose clothing that covers as much skin as possible, broad brimmed hat and seeking shade, as well as avoiding outdoors during the hottest time of the day, if possible.

      • Opening up all of the pram vents will help maximise air circulation within the pram.

      • Babies can not regulate their body heat and will succumb to heat exhaustion/heat stroke very quickly.  The safest option is to keep babies under 6 months old out of the sun as they should not be using sun screen at this age.  

      Tips on getting baby accustomed to Bub2Tot 8in1

      IMPORTANT: Always attach Bub2Tot 8in1 onto pram/capsule/carrycot BEFORE placing infant in the pram/capsule/carrycot.

      • Give baby a bottle in the pram/capsule/carrycot with Bub2Tot 8in1 in use. Perfect for babies who feed to sleep.

      • Let them see you through the mesh panels so they know you are still there.

      • Attempt naps as you would under usual circumstances:  Not overtired, fresh nappy, full tummy, etc.


      Achieving the best fit for Bub2Tot 8in1 on your pram

      • Use features of the pram itself to fit Bub2Tot 8in1.  For example, the Quick Adjust Clasps or Elasticated Perimeter can fit over the handle bar, the canopy, the footrest or the front wheel frame.
      • Once fitted on the pram, ensure the fabric is taut (not drooping) by tightening the cord locks if required.
      • Ensure the mesh panels are as taut as possible, as this will open up the mesh fabric and allow air to pass through efficiently.  

      Care and Maintenance

      • Do not leave Bub2Tot 8in1 stretched out over a prolongued period.  Always fold away into in-built pocket and store away out of reach of children when not in use.
      • When used as light rain cover or exposed to moisture, ensure the fabric is aired out and dry before storing away.