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      Will covering my pram trap heat inside?

      The short answer is YES.  The safest way to protect your child is to avoid the sun altogether, but we cannot live like hermits.  So what can you do to safely protect your baby where there may be sun exposure?

      Partially covering your pram with a light muslin cloth and checking baby’s welfare at REGULAR INTERVALS is better than direct sun exposure which will have irreversible damage to delicate infant skin. This should only be a temporary measure on very hot days, as it is safest to stay indoors.  Open up all of the pram vents to help maximise air circulation within the pram, and stay in shade as the pram fabric may absorb heat. 


      What is the material made of?

      Bub2Tot 8in1 is made up of 2 types of fabric. The main UPF 50+ opaque panels are 100% Polyester Microfibre, with inbuilt antimicrobial to inhibit bacterial growth.  The mesh panels are PBT/Poly mesh.  Polyester is better suited for UV protection, and inherently slower burning compared to natural fibres such as cotton, silk and linen.

      Bub2Tot 8in1 has also been tested for air permeability to ASHRAE 62.1:2019


      Does Bub2Tot 8in1 have UPF 50+ all over?

      No.  The UPF 50+ rating only applies to the opaque double overlapping panels. The side mesh panels will provide some sun protection, but the air permeability factor provided by these mesh panels cannot be compromised.  It is best to shield from the sun by adjusting the direction of the UPF 50+ panels or seek shade where possible. 


      What do your certifications mean?

      • AS/NZS 4399:2017 - UV Protection rating to Australian and New Zealand Standards
      • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Globally accepted standard in textiles testing of over 100 harmful chemicals and banned substances 
      • AS/NZS 8124.1:2002, 2013 – Trim and Tension tests on parts and accessories to Australian and New Zealand Toy Standards
      • ASHRAE 62.1:2019 – Air Permeability testing based on recommended maximum indoor CO2 levels measured in PPM (parts per million) 
      • AS/NZS 8005:2013 - Car Seat: Accessories for Child Restraints – Ensures requirements are met based on standards for aftermarket accessories


      Does Bub2Tot 8in1 fit twin prams?

      Bub2Tot 8in1 has been fitted successfully onto BabyJogger City Select tandem mode.  Successful configurations include both forward and rearward facing, as well as with a combination of bassinet, capsule and standard seat.  Some twin pram styles may allow a successful fit on just one of the seats (i.e. for side by side twin prams).  Please refer to our visual list of compatible pram modes here.


      Will Bub2Tot 8in1 protect my baby from COVID 19?

      Bub2Tot 8in1 can only be used as a privacy screen to deter strangers from flouting social distancing rules and peering into the pram/capsule/carrycot.  


      How do I know if Bub2Tot 8in1 will fit on my pram?

      Bub2Tot 8in1 uses the design of the pram itself to achieve an optimal fit.  The handle bar, the canopy, the footrest, the wheel frame and even the basket can be used to get the perfect fit with the combined use of the Quick Adjust Clasps, Cord Locks, Elasticated Perimeter and the 2 way stretch of the fabric itself.  Please refer to our visual list of compatible pram modes in our Gallery tab. 


      The car seat manufacturer advises against after market products.  Is it safe to use Bub2Tot 8in1 in car seat mode?

      Bub2Tot 8in1 was designed based on the requirements of AS/NZS 8005:2013 – Accessories for child restraints for use in motor vehicles.  Some examples include adhering to maximum weight for rigid parts, that it does not deflect the intended path of harnesses, belts and tethers, conducting flammability tests, that the accessory is not within contact of the infant's throat, and providing adequate labelling.


      My baby cries everytime I use Bub2Tot 8in1.  What can I do?

      Your baby may cry when they cannot see you.  Let them get used to Bub2Tot 8in1 by only partially covering, and over time you should be able to close the panels for naps or for sun protection without your baby getting upset.  Your baby should eventually associate Bub2Tot 8in1 with naps and know that mommy or daddy is on the other side. 


      Do you deliver to PO Boxes?

      Yes, we delivery to PO Boxes for orders posted within Australia.  For your mailing reference, our parcel size for a single Bub2Tot 8in1 is 240mm x 190mm x 120mm Medium Australia Post mailing box, and a double Bub2Tot 8in1 is 400mm x 200mm x 180mm Large Australia Post mailing box.


      Are you selling internationally?

      FLAT RATE SHIPPING TO New Zealand, United States AND CANADA* 

      (maximum 2 orders)

      Postage to NZ (in AUD): Single purchase $20, Double purchase (same postal box) $20

      Postage to US (in AUD): Single purchase $20, Double purchase (same postal box) $20

      Postage to CANADA (in AUD, excl import duties): Single purchase $20, Double purchase (same postal box) $20

      Shipping to physical addresses only (no post office box).  We are working around the clock with our product launch in Australia over the Christmas period, but are delighted to announce worldwide shipping by the end of February 2021!  However, deliveries to some destinations may be restricted due to Coronavirus Impact or border control.  Please check with your local postal service before ordering.  


      I can’t find the answer to my query.  Who can I talk to?

      Please submit a website enquiry or contact Bub2Tot 8in1 directly on Facebook Messenger.