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      Covered prams are a risk for the babies, infants and young children within


      Welcome!  My name is Elly.  I'm a local Gold Coast mother to 2 munchkins, married to a goofball, and inventor of Bub2Tot 8in1.  I think my story resonates with countless others in early parenthood.  It's a messy mix of anxiety, uncertainty, and a deep innate instinct to protect and provide.  Not quite the way you would expect to describe love for your child, right?  

      My first born was inside the pram in the image above (March 2017).  I chose to cover my pram, even though I was fully aware of the dangers of trapping heat inside, but the sun was just too harsh.  I would peek in quietly to make sure she's not sweating, is still breathing, or still sleeping.  I checked so often I couldn't relax during those precious naps.

      My fear of exposing her to irreversible UV damage piled onto other first time parent anxieties.  Things like trapping heat in the pram, wiping down public surfaces, strangers coming to peek into my pram, insects biting my sleeping baby, or breastfeeding at social gatherings with the nursing cover falling off.  These were factored into a design that took over 3 years to finish.

      It was designed for my first baby.

      5 prototypes later, I'm now using Bub2Tot 8in1 on my second baby and believe in it more than ever.  I believe in it because it makes a difference to keeping our children safe from the sun, and that it helps make the hardest job in the world much easier.  Bub2Tot 8in1 is about versatility, practicality, safety and convenience without compromising quality.


      "Safe Shading without Covering"