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      Baby skin, UV Damage and Heat Exhaustion

      Before you begin enjoying the benefits of Bub2Tot 8in1, we recommend some general knowledge on Baby skin and UV damage.

      • A baby under 6 months of age is extremely vulnerable to UV damage.  This is due to their skin being only 1/5 the thickness to that of adult skin, and the lack of melanin or skin pigmenting which offers some protection from the sun as a child grows up and their skin thickens.

      • Sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months old.

      • Australia and New Zealand are world leaders in skin cancer rating.  Some of the reasons behind this is that the majority of Australians and New Zealanders are naturally fair complexion, meaning there is little melanin present in their skin, which is the body’s protection against small exposure to UV rays.  There is also the outdoor lifestyle and culture enjoyed due to our sunny skies and wide open beaches, so activities such as BBQs and beach days are a regular weekend pass time.

      • UV damage is irreversible.  Protection needs to start from birth!

      • There is no such thing as a healthy tan.  Browned skin are burnt skin cells.

      • UV rays can bounce off surfaces such as sand, windows, walls, ground, water surfaces, etc.

      • 90% of UV rays can penetrate through clouds.

      • Sun protection measures need to be observed when UV index reaches 3 and above.

      • Always keep baby cool by seeking shade.

      • Keep pram/capsule/carrycot out of the sun, as the thick fabric can absorb and retain heat.

      • Prevent heat exhaustion risk by keeping baby cool, i.e. remove unnecessary layers, pram fan, seek shade, stay hydrated, etc. 

      • Know the signs of heat exhaustion (lethargy, vomiting, hot red skin, not drinking due to being weak, etc) and seek immediate medical attention if heat exhaustion is suspected.